"The wealthy, not only by private fraud but also by common laws, do every day pluck and snatch away from the people some part of their daily living. Therefore, when I consider and weigh in my mind these commonwealths which nowadays do flourish, I perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men in procuring their own commodities under the name and authority of the commonwealth.

They invent and devise all means and crafts, first how to keep safely without fear of losing that which they have unjustly gathered together, and next how to hire and abuse the work and labor of the people for as little money and effort as possible."

Thomas More, Utopia

Monday, January 26, 2015

"Rage of the Dispossessed"

Much ink has been issued forth and even more breathless speeches about the vicious slaughter of a dozen victims at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015. Five more victims would perish during an apparent running gun battle/ hostage rescue operation between French authorities and the suspects in the immediate aftermath. In a rational world it wouldn't be necessary to qualify my response by acknowledging that what transpired in Paris was a savagely criminal act to which no human being should be subjected. Alas, we do not live in such a world so some will no doubt interpret the following criticism as an attack on decency and a rationalization for terrorist acts. Let them. A respectable amount of time has passed since the event so I feel the time for these words is appropriate.

I despise everything Charlie Hebdo stands for. Did you notice what happened there? One may condemn the crime yet still abhor the victim. In virtually every example when one encounters those who would erase this distinction a separate agenda is invariably at work.

My limited perusal of Charlie Hebdo's output has revealed this publication to have an apparent special interest in nakedly racist, Islamophobic attacks on a largely powerless immigrant minority. While many have identified satire as the weapon of the weak they often failed to notice how effectively it can be utilized by the powerful to intimidate and marginalize the designated Other. How "courageous" is it to follow the herd in ridiculing the belief systems of an ostracized population?  Furthermore, marginalized communities rarely have the resources to respond in kind with their own propaganda platforms. 

Charlie Hebdo was always playing with fire. Freedom of expression does not inoculate one from consequences. Again, this is not to justify this atrocity but merely an observation. There are laws in virtually every place where humans concentrate against physical violence and yet violence persists. Reckless provocations come with risks. Take any random group of people and subject them to relentless persecution and discrimination without recourse to effective political relief valves and the most unstable among them are certain to explode into violence.

Chris Hedges has written perhaps the definitive essay on this affair and is worth a read. For comic relief, note this cavalcade of opportunists and hypocrites claiming solidarity with the victims and for freedom of expression.


Anonymous said...

The French Govt needs to unleash Le Legion Etrangere in the so called "no go" areas in France and set things straight.

Coldtype said...

So your "solution" is to resume the cycle of violence rather than begin an honest dialog?

Anonymous said...

Coldy,how can you have a dialog with Islamic extremists that want to turn the clock back 2000 years???

Are you retarded??? These idiots want Sharia law and radical islam forced down everyones throats or they want to exterminate you???

Women have no rights and they are THE biggest hypocrits on the planet.

Women are for procreation in the muslim word,boys and goats are for recreation,FACT.

Anonymous said...

How do you rationalize or reason with a radical bent on killing anyone who does not agree with their beliefs?

Coldtype said...

I'm disheartened to see that the "war of civilizations" myth has taken such firm root. This represents a victory of sorts for the war profiteers who've led the US and the west in general careening from one debacle to the next over the last 35 years at least.

A veneer of legitimacy embraces our serial invasions and destabilization of majority Muslim nations over the past several decades in pursuit of their vast energy resources when these populations are then seen in the "proper" light. So for example the US/UK invasion, occupation, and subsequent destruction of Iraq on fictional pretexts leading to the deaths of over one million people and five million refugees has no bearing on the sensibilities of a population encumbered with an irrational hatred of western values. Ditto the people of Iran following the CIA engineered overthrow of their democracy in 1953 to be replaced by a quarter century of tyranny under the Shah and his savage SAVAK.

I'm curious as to what role if any do many of you feel western (particularly US) policy plays in the perceptions of those occupying the Middle East. Have we truly fallen to a place where we believe that our interventions there are neutral?

Anonymous said...

Coldy,what is your position on CAIR??

Anonymous said...

Send in 2e REP !!

Coldtype said...

Forgive me but I'm not yet that familiar with CAIR but from what I've seen so far this organization seems to be a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Coltypes and Leftys Libtard world of delusion and assclowness:


Coldtype said...

If you've got an argument to make I'd be glad to see it. Interesting video. Stunning production values.

By the way, where did ISIS get all of that gleaming new equipment and near limitless funding? Are you as curious as I am as to how these lunatics never manage to attack the Gulf tyrannies, the IDF, or our own forces in the region? Why, the IDF and Turkey even provide them artillery support whenever the Syrian army gets them in a pickle anywhere near their respective borders. Turkey, a NATO member, has been providing sanctuary to these and assorted beasts destabilizing Syria for the better part of four years. The Saudis, our despotic allies, have been funding these "freedom fighters" from day one with a wink and a smile from Uncle Sam. One could be forgiven if they got the impression that ISIS were acting as US/NATO proxy forces. Just my thoughts. Yours are welcome.

Anonymous said...


Melilea Bekasi said...

whatever the reason behind it all, I condemn the violence on the incident

Anonymous said...

What's your thoughts on bibi speaking to the congress?