"The wealthy, not only by private fraud but also by common laws, do every day pluck and snatch away from the people some part of their daily living. Therefore, when I consider and weigh in my mind these commonwealths which nowadays do flourish, I perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men in procuring their own commodities under the name and authority of the commonwealth.

They invent and devise all means and crafts, first how to keep safely without fear of losing that which they have unjustly gathered together, and next how to hire and abuse the work and labor of the people for as little money and effort as possible."

Thomas More, Utopia

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Return of the Fool

Heeee's back! Yes, we were once again haranged by this serial war hustler who spewed his obligatory bile before a fawning Congress where members clapped like trained seals at nearly every turn of phrase which, quite naturally, included some variation of "Iran is six months away from destroying us all!".

Fortunately, the wonderful Mondoweiss.net has done all of the heavy lifting for us by providing a helpful annotated guide which fact checks the wild assertions and mad delusions of One Note Benjamin.